Ohio Outlaw Motorsports events at Hilltop Speedway with Mod-Lites, Dwarf Cars or Micro Sprints.

Since 2008, OOM has been promoting flat track races for motorcycles and quads at various Ohio venues, primarily Hilltop Speedway, south of Millersburg, Ohio.

Bike and quad racers, who also race smaller scale cars, began requesting track time for cars, seeing how the track is prepped differently for flat track races, than stock car races.

Smooth track conditions are priority, especially for motorcycles, but the track is not prepped to sustain the larger tires of super late models and higher horsepower.

Following an open practice for bikes/quads that included mod-lites turning laps, it was determined the smaller cars do not hurt the racing surface, but rather compliment it and serve to help “run in” the racing surface.

Although the inside line and tires are pushed out slightly to produce safer and better bike/quad racing, the small cars began seeking actual racing competition at OOM events, instead of just access to the track for practice and tuning.

OOM could not add small cars to a flat track program in the typical car race format, with race entry paid solely by pit pass, while all other competitors pay entry fee.

This was discussed with small car racers that were regulars at OOM events, who ultimately agreed to pay a money class entry fee. These entry fees are paid back 100% to the racers via the money class payout table, posted here on the OOM website. This is the same payout table that applies to Money Class Bikes and Money Class Quads.

Hilltop Speedway ownership and management on hand at OOM races assessed the mod-lite performance at the flat track races. This led to occasional scheduling of mod-lites at Hilltop car races and then addition as a weekly division in 2015.

Since OOM’s Bob Sigler returned to Hilltop as a Saturday night announcer in 2010, Sigler has reminded mod-lite drivers they are welcome at OOM flat track events if they want additional track time, in addition to dwarf cars and micro sprints. Ohio Outlaw Motorsports events are always posted on the Hilltop website and social media pages, with more detailed information provided on the OOM website.

Any mod-lites, dwarf cars or micro sprints that attend OOM events must understand and adhere to the following criteria:

$10 pit pass must be purchased per person. Typical OOM events the pits are not segregated from general admission, but liability waiver must be signed prior to pit entrance. Ohio Outlaw Motorsports events are $10 for ages 7 and up, with ages 6 and under admitted free. Again, pit pass is the same cost, with different wristbands issued to identify those who have signed pit entry liability waiver.

$40 entry fee must be paid per race entry, with 100% payback of entry fees as posted on Money Class payout table.

Ohio Outlaw Motorsports operates independently of Hilltop Speedway and OOM events DO NOT pay Hilltop season points. OOM race results ARE NOT recorded in Hilltop Speedway driver statistics of career wins.

Inside line track barriers are typically pushed out to slightly narrow the racing surface, reducing the danger of quads / bikes diving low to flatter areas of each turn.

Flat track races are flagged from inside the front stretch and drivers must exercise caution and respect for head flagman.

Car counts of different types may require combination of car types within reason, scored either separate or in entirety as determined by Ohio Outlaw Motorsports.

Push vehicles and / or tow truck may not be present, but OOM provides recovery vehicle and trailer for transport of disabled car to pits.

Races are conducted with primary focus on safety, good sportsmanship and additional track time with less emphasis on technical requirements or car regulations.

All safety procedures and equipment must be utilized in the same manner of typical car race program.

Interested drivers are encouraged to inquire OOM regulars for additional information and to familiarize with differences in program.

Any questions not answered by this policy can be directed to Ohio Outlaw Motorsports proprietors Adam Campbell or Bob Sigler.